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Apple’s Best-Kept Secret About Audio I/O on Macs

I bought my first Apple computer on Thanksgiving night, 2006, at one of those “early Black Friday” sales at some now-defunct computer chain. It was a HUGE (by the standards of the day) 24″ iMac that was near the top-of-the-line in terms of their technology offerings back then.

One of the things I planned to use it for was audio recording and production.

Like most Macs, it had two 3.5mm jacks on the back, one for a mic/line input and one for headphone/speaker output.

Several years earlier, I had purchased a small portable A/D unit for recording stuff using “stealth mics”, and it has an optical digital (S/PDIF) output. I went to the Apple store and asked the “geniuses” there what I needed to plug it into my fancy new iMac.

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What Causes Feedback On Audio Webinars and Teleconferences?

I’ve been on way too many webinars and teleconferences where one of the guests invariably had a bunch of feedback. In many cases, the host couldn’t even hear it, which makes it even worse.

Why does this happen?

I’d venture to guess that the problem is actually quite simple. It’s the microphone that the guest is using. Continue reading

My Recording Gear

I do some audio recording here and there. I particularly enjoy doing live recordings, and I have some special equipment that I use for that. I also record stuff directly into my computer, but I use different equipment for that.

From time to time people ask me about the gear I use with my computer, so I thought I’d post something about what I’m currently using. Continue reading

Hello world!

Well, I finally decided to set up a blog where I can post stuff. I’m not real big on disclosing a lot about my personal life and what’s happening, but I’ve been getting more and more requests from people to see stuff I’m up to. So I figured, what the heck. There’s a lot of stuff I can write about without getting too detailed.

I’m not sure where things will head, but … we’ll see in a year.

BTW, this seems fitting as today is my 58th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Also, I realize that there are about a bazillion others around the world with the same last name. My apologies in advance if anybody confuses us; I can only hope you see that as a compliment! And I’m also including the myriad of other folks named “David Schwartz” as well. It’s a popular name. What can I say.

Just to be clear, I’m “David Paul Schwartz”. Or as my mother liked to say, “The Beloved Little One”.