Hello world!

Well, I finally decided to set up a blog where I can post stuff. I’m not real big on disclosing a lot about my personal life and what’s happening, but I’ve been getting more and more requests from people to see stuff I’m up to. So I figured, what the heck. There’s a lot of stuff I can write about without getting too detailed.

I’m not sure where things will head, but … we’ll see in a year.

BTW, this seems fitting as today is my 58th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Also, I realize that there are about a bazillion others around the world with the same last name. My apologies in advance if anybody confuses us; I can only hope you see that as a compliment! And I’m also including the myriad of other folks named “David Schwartz” as well. It’s a popular name. What can I say.

Just to be clear, I’m “David Paul Schwartz”. Or as my mother liked to say, “The Beloved Little One”.

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