I’m an Embarcadero MVP!

I was recently nominated to become a member of Embarcadero’s MVP program (click here for more info), and was invited to join last week! WOO HOO! It’s truly an honor to be recognized for the technical chops I’ve developed around Delphi  — I’ve been working with it since it was released nearly 20 years ago now. In fact, Delphi’s 20-year birthday is coming up on Valentie’s Day next month. I clearly remember being at the Software Development Conference in San Jose that Valentine’s Day in 1995 when it Delphi was first announced by the founder and President of Borland, Philippe Kahn and his crew of merry musicians (and programmers). They had a big ta-doo at the Monterey Aquarium that night, if I recall.

Anyway, I’m in some awesome company with the other MVPs. Many of them regularly publish really technical articles about Delphi and its various features. I tend to avoid that, because … well … I tend to over-do things. Witness my earlier series of articles that I never quite finished. There really was a point to them, and I completed the whole idea and recorded a video of it for CodeRage, but never posted the last article here. I should get to that soon. 🙂

Typically, the things I write about are related to stuff I’m working on. At the moment, I’m dealing with some outsourcing of what’s supposed to be a simple bit of php code, and the design of a mobile app that works with it. This is something of my own design that I initially conceived of in 1997, but that hasn’t been practical until recently given the amount of computing power needed and a critical service that has finally matured enough to be useful. Of course, I’m using Delphi for the mobile app side, but have been trying to outsource the “middle-tier” portion to someone, with mixed luck. What a PITA it has been. I’ll write a brief article on that shortly.

Along with being an Embarcadero MVP, I’ll have acces to all of their software, including Enterprise Editions of Delphi, which I haven’t had access to in the past. Delphi XE7 has a new piece that should make that middle-tier part a piece of cake to build in Delphi (except that it needs to run in under Windows).

So stay tuned. I’ll do my best to post stuff here more regularly. And please feel free to leave comments. But beware — if it looks like comment spam, it’ll go straight to the trash. (If a comment does not refer to something in the article, or something related, it’s probably comment spam. Please don’t waste your time.)

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