Monthly Archives: March 2015

Interesting Marketing Dilemma

I’ve been working on turning idea that originally came to me 20 years ago into an app. In the process, it’s taking some interesting twists and turns.

It all started out 20 years ago while I was at a sound healing conference. Some of us were sitting around talking about different things, and we got onto the topic of guided meditations (GMs). At one point, someone complained about the fact that GM tapes and CDs tend to be expensive ($15-$30) and you only listen to them two or three times.

Now, there are some really interesting reasons why that’s the case that I’m not going to get into here, but it highlighted a problem. After a little while, I mentioned that I was a software developer, and someone suggested I come up with a way to generate randomized GMs via software.  Continue reading

Apologies on light posting

A friend recently asked me why I don’t post more here on the blog. Hmmm…. I guess because I post a lot on Facebook instead. Actually, a large portion of my FB posts are political in nature, and the vast majority of them are replies to other posts or shares of other posts.

A blog requires one to come up with original content — in my mind, anyway. I tend to be fairly opinionated, but it’s usually in relation to things others say, either pro or con. Without reposting the original material here, there’s no context for my reply, which seems to defeat the purpose.

Oh, well. I’ll see what I can do about coming up with some original content.

That also needs to include more stories about Delphi, so if anybody has any Delphi-related questions that I can address, please feel free to ask!

45dB Boost on Quiet Track Sounds GREAT!

I recently upgraded some equipment I use for ambient live recordings, and wanted to share how it worked out in a recent session.

I replaced some aging equipment with a TASCAM DR-60D mk II recorder and a 3DiO binaural mic over the holidays. I used them to record a live event recently (a meditation session) and used an AT PRO 8HEx headset mic to record the facilitator’s voice. I forgot to bring an extension for the mic cable, so the facilitator was only about 6 feet from the recorder and 3DiO mic. Continue reading