Welcome Back!

“Welcome back my friends
to the show that never ends.
I’m so glad you could attend.
Come Inside! Come inside!”

All of my WP sites were getting bombarded with nonstop attacks from places all over the world trying to break-in. This is a huge problem and it affects everybody’s blogs. I feel sorry for the hosting companies as I’m sure that 80% or more of their incoming traffic are these probes trying to access non-existent files. Most of them are using paths common to IIS, Microsoft’s Windows Server. This is a Linux host. You’d think they’d make a tiny effort to figure that out (it’s pretty easy) and not waste resources hammering away at stuff that’s just not there.

Anyway, I got tired of reading my logs and traffic patterns and seeing so much traffic from these hackers and so little from regular visitors, so I just shut down the site. I tend to post a lot on Facebook anyway, although most of it is political junk. (I’m not one to document my life in social media, or anywhere online for that matter.)

But someone just contacted me about some links he had on his blog pointing to some articles back here and I decided to go ahead and reactivate the blog. So here we are! I’ll make a renewed effort to post more here instead of just on FB.

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