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Looking for a domain with a unique TLD?

Are you looking for great deals on domain names with new TLDs? Check this out…
For those who don’t know, a “TLD” is the tail-end part of an internet domain name. The originals were .net, .org, .mil, .edu and a few others. Then the .com TLD came along (short for “COMmercial” sites) and that’s when the internet took off.
Today there are literally over 1000 different TLDs available, although most folks still only really consider .com, .net, and .org. (See the end for a sample.)
If you bother looking around for domain names, it’s fairly common to charge $9-$12 per year for domains with these common TLDs. Also, a popular upsell is a “privacy” option. This keeps people from “scraping” the listings with your contact information and sending you bogus renewal notices that are designed to trick you into switching registrars. The contact info is required by law to be correct, so data aggregators also like to scrape this data to use it as authoritative reference material for the hundreds if not thousands of other data records they collect from your daily use of the internet.

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