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Chrome Extension: The Great Suspender

Anybody who uses Google’s Chrome browser needs to download this extension NOW: The Great Suspender. As you can see below, they tout how it reduces the memory footprint of Chrome. I don’t care about that. What it REALLY DOES is tells hidden tabs to STFU!

If you’ve got pages open that have lots of ads and flash crapola on them, they just keep going and going and going … they suck the life out of your CPU and nobody is even watching them!

When this extension “suspends” a page, it’s as if the browser window is closed and replaced by a simple screenshot. It’s not always a good screenshot, which is fine by me. The point is, the page effectively goes to sleep once it’s suspended. All you have to do is click it and it reloads.

Also, if you’ve ever had a bunch of Chrome windows open with lots of tabs on them, and your machine crashes, when you re-open Chrome there’s a button that say it was shut-down prematurely and asks if you want to reload all of the pages. If you click it, it can totally swamp your machine for several minutes while it’s reloading everything.

With this extension active, the suspended pages are all reloaded in a fraction of a second. So restoring a bunch of Chrome windows and tabs happens very quickly.

This plugin is a Godsend if you work with tons of open windows and tabs in Chrome. Seriously. Get it. It’s free,too!