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Off To The (Retirement) Races!

Well, it looks like it has been a while since I’ve posted. Sheesh. I post a ton of stuff on Facebook, mostly political rants in my public feed, tho. (They seem to keep the riff-raff away.) The interesting stuff is all in private groups that can’t be seen outside of them. 

The problem with so-called “social media” is that most people have different facets in our lives. We spend time in different communities with different people, and they don’t typically overlap. Social media assumes your entire life is an open book, and everybody sees everything. Aside from celebrities that even pay to get subscribers from themarketingheaven.com for their YouTube channels or social media profiles, I don’t know too many people like that. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

I can’t imagine having 1000+ friends in 8th grade and growing up with that many luantics in tow. I went to the same grade school and high school, and couldn’t wait to get into college so I could get away from those folks. Over half of my life was spent with a lot of them, and I didn’t care if I never saw any of them ever again. Continue reading